All the businesses are mostly busy in improving the user experience of the targeted audience in the current marketing scenario. But, when it comes to lead generation, several factors go unnoticed and this where the prospects of new leads get hampered. In the simple to comprehend terms, by identifying the issues hindering the lead generation process will be the best option for all-sized business owners at an initial level. Whether it is the lesser online visibility, not focusing on brand credibility or the use of improper CTAs (Call To Action), there are several aspects that you can evaluate with the help of a top SEO agency in Delhi.

Prior to approaching the reputable SEO agency, here is a sneak-peak to know what interrupts the lead generation process:

1. Landing pages and contact form mismatch

A landing page of your website should be appealing and compel the users to explore your products or services rather than being complicated. In the latter case, the complexity of the landing page may confuse them to navigate the other pages of the website. On the other hand, if the contact page is not properly aligned to the goals of lead generation or the CTAs are improperly placed on the landing page. But, to troubleshoot these issues so that the lead generation becomes error-free, you need to minimize the use of graphics and ensure the design of the landing page and even the entire website is clutter-free. In addition, the information that you want the visitors should notice, it should be separately placed.

It also implies that the design of the contact form should be simple, so that, the visitors do not leave it unfilled due to the length of the form.

2. The website is not optimized for mobile users

The mobile-friendliness of the website is one of the important reasons that contribute to lead generation. Basically, the website may be accessed through mobile devices as well. Not only do the visitors browse the website, explore the deals, but also, shop online through mobile platforms. This is apparent that the lead generation can become uninterrupted by making the website mobile-friendly. Thus, it is important to select the responsive design for the website, so that, all the pages including the landing page and the other content to be navigated on the multiple devices.

Additionally, it must be understood that the mobile-friendliness of the website can boost your lead generation strategy as most of the users like to scroll social media and the other resources through their hand-held devices. Most of all, the conversion after the lead gets generated when the contact pages, landing page, and the entire website becomes accessible without any interruption. As a matter of fact, when there is no constraint of accessibility, the users can easily plan their goals of consuming the information of website efficiently & effectively.

3. Improper navigation plan

Due to the improperly planned navigation on the website, the users may not be compelled to proceed with the evaluation of your services. Probably, due to the mismatch of navigation and the related distracting factors, the bounce rate can increase, thereby, the leads generation process gets hampered. Moreover, the confusing navigation disrupts the reading span of the users and they may not be able to find the desired information on the website.

Nevertheless, if you are not sure how to comprehend the details pertaining to the proper navigation on the website, then, the dedicated professionals of SEO agency in Delhi will be worth consulting with. These SEO experts will address the issues of navigation of your website, thereby, proceed with the selection of the layout. Generally, the F layout keeps the visitors engaged and enables them to find the key information without any hassle. Apart from this, the structure of the landing page, positioning of the various elements along with the formatting are taken care of by the SEO professionals to improve the navigation of the website. As a part of the strategy to boost leads generation, the headline, sub-headers and the overall look & feel of the website gets revamped. Undoubtedly, this strategy of website revamp is aimed at addressing the common user-behaviour while accessing the business highlights, hence, securing the leads’ prospects.

4. Missing CTAs or Call To Actions

It is the balanced premix of graphics, appealing content, the copy that’s being written to highlight the USPs of brand along with the impressive website development that engages the target audience. However, when the Call To Actions or CTAs that offer a clear idea to the users regarding the engagement with the business are omitted, the lead generation process can get hampered. To be precise, you must focus on the central message that the visitors should perceive while accessing your website. This is where the powerful CTAs like subscribing to the newsletter, buy the products or specifying the intent becomes important in improving the user engagement rate. As a result, the lead generation also gets aligned with the marketing goals of your business.

On the contrary, whether the positioning of CTAs is not mindfully planned or the Call To Action buttons are missing, these two scenarios will not retain the visitors on your website. Hence, it is essential to share the business objectives with the SEO agency in Delhi and seek the customized strategy for website revamp with the simple yet impactful use of CTAs.

5. Low quality or insufficient content

In order to create a lasting impression with the initial visit of the users on your website, it is important to focus on the use of high-quality content. To match-up with the reading span of the visitors, you must address the pressing needs of the targeted audience and keep the tone of content as relatable. Furthermore, the content should always be proofread to keep our grammatical issues, spelling mistakes and publish the refined form of the copy to engage the visitors. To be specific, the problem-solving approach, easily understandable and appealing language should be used in the content to describe the brand’s products or services.

If you have wondered why your well-researched yet generic content not getting along with the targeted audience, then, it is the right time to re-strategize the content marketing plan. In short, partner with the SEO agency with the proven track record and fix the content-based errors and improve the scope of lead generation.

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